Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Goodbye Netizen

I was about to permanently delete this blog when suddenly I had a second thought about it, having learned the hard way in the past. Sometime ago, I once deleted the other blog of mine. I mean, the one that bearing my full name plus the letter 'S' at the end as I no longer needed it only to find out that somebody squatting on it later.  I don't want to promote that blog here, that is the reason why I don't write down the name but you still can see it in the screenshot below.

See? This blog is definitely NOT mine. My understanding is that someone else took the blogspot sub domain name to his own course and benefit which is known only to himself.

But apart from that, no harm done so far. Not that I don't really care by the way, that is my full name. But the cyberspace is a supposedly free world, cybersquatters included. As far as the Blogspot is concern, I do not own that subdomain. Plus,  The Anticybersquatting Consumer Protecting Act 1999 of America doesn't really applicable in this part of the world.

This is a final posting before I put this blog on hold indefinitely. Goodbye Netizen.

For blog admins, if you people still interested on RSS feed from Sabah / Sarawak / Kadayan community here's some sites to consider:-

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